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Are you a bachelor's or master's graduate looking to kickstart your career on the right foot? There are plenty of offers out there, but how do you make the best choice? Where can you learn the most as an employee? What kind of work aligns best with your education, interests, and skills? And what truly makes you happy?

iTrainee helps you answer those questions, launch your career, and guides you towards the employer that suits you best.


Learn all about business processes and IT

In our traineeship, you'll get acquainted with various aspects of the business world, from HR to Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Logistics. This allows you to discover what suits you best. All of this is combined with a deep dive into IT. Why? Because IT plays an essential role in today's daily business operations, as all domains within organizations are intertwined with it. With knowledge and skills in IT, your chances in the job market significantly increase.


Deepening with SAP

We deepen our IT knowledge with SAP, the most widely used Business Application Software in the world. Companies like Hema, Heineken, ASML, and Nationale Nederlanden use this software. SAP is not only interesting for those with a technical background but also for those with a business-related education. SAP revolves around optimizing business processes in logistics, HR, sales, marketing, finance, management information, and procurement. You become highly sought after as a young, talented individual experienced in SAP & business processes!

What can you do with the traineeship?

Hundreds of talented young trainees have gone before you. They have all been assisted in launching their careers as business analysts, consultants, data scientists, BI specialists, low-code developers, or in other areas of expertise. For example, you could work on developing new applications in healthcare, automating warehouses with robotics, or implementing new processes within a finance department. You choose the career that makes you happy!

Does it end there?

No, because many of our trainees advance to other roles within three to five years, such as team leader or manager. Or they start their own ventures. The sky's the limit!

What does the traineeship entail?

When you start at iTrainee, you begin with a challenging training program; for the first three months, you'll undergo SAP training under the guidance of experienced trainers. This nicely complements the studies you've just completed. You'll learn about the business side of IT and gain experience in the technical aspects of the software. Additionally, you'll work on your soft skills, which are valuable in the workplace or with clients. These skills include teamwork, giving feedback, persuasion, and planning & organizing.

Matching & specialization

The perfect match is everything to us! Throughout your traineeship, we'll look for an employer that fits your preferences. We consider your dream job, location, industry, direction, and of course, the company culture that suits you best. If we find a match and both sides are satisfied with the introduction, we'll develop a training plan together with your employer.


Depending on your role, you'll specialize in a particular area. During this specialization, you'll learn the ins and outs of the field. This trajectory varies for each trainee. For some positions, you may also need to obtain additional certifications. Once you've completed your specialization, you'll work full-time with your employer for the remainder of your traineeship, which lasts a total of 15 months.

For your specialization, you can choose HRM, finance, BI, logistics, or another domain. In addition to these options, we also offer a specialization in low-code development. During this specialization, you'll learn to develop applications quickly and easily, in close collaboration with the application's users. Why is this specialization interesting? Because the use of low-code is rapidly growing in the business world, increasing the demand for talented individuals skilled in this new form of application development.


What degree do you need?

You have successfully completed your bachelor's or master's degree. It's also helpful if you've studied business, finance, logistics, or organizational studies.

Not just for IT professionals You don't need a specific IT background for our traineeship. It's beneficial, but not necessary. A strong aptitude for STEM subjects and an interest in the IT field are much more important. In any case, we'll assess you beforehand to ensure you have the necessary capabilities to undertake the training and the motivation to work in IT. We'll teach you the rest.


In summery: why choose iTrainee

During our traineeship, you'll have the opportunity to discover what excites you and specialize in it. You'll also develop skills that are useful in the workplace – such as giving feedback and handling conflicts – and we'll ensure a smooth transition to an employer that truly fits you. As an SAP expert, you'll be highly sought after in the job market, with plenty of opportunities for career advancement!

What's next? Do you think this is right for you? And do you want to find out if you qualify for a traineeship at iTrainee? Take the test!


If you have any questions or would like to come by for a meeting, don't hesitate to contact our Campus Lead Britt: +31(0)6 3436 38 66.


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