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Wouter: "Ik ben niet zo goed in de anatomie van de wereld."

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SvBMT Protagoras (study association of Biomedical Engineering) is the study association for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Engineering students at the Technical University Eindhoven. As study association, we try to contribute to all aspects within students' life; education, development and recreation. 



Within our association, several educational things are organized. One of the things we take care of is the book sales. Members get 15% discount on the books when they order the books at the study association. When the books are ordered, they can be picked up in our board room. Besides this, one of our board members is Educational Officer, this means he or she is constantly engaging in conversation with students and professors to work together to constantly improve the education of our faculty. Also, on our website there is a exam- and course database. By means of this database, students can practice old exams for courses they are taking or read reviews on certain courses before choosing to follow one of them. 


Personal development

Aside from following courses and getting ECTS to complete your study, it is important to offer our members an opportunity to develop soft skills. Therefore, we have about 20 committees that you can become a member of. These committees take care of different aspects of student life. For example, we have a photo committee, freshman committee, symposium committee and a career orientation committee. These are just several examples of committees that exist. In these committees, you learn to work together with your colleagues, organize events and last but not least, have a fun time with your fellow committee members. 



Next to the education and personal development we also provide some relaxation for our members. Every Thursday there is a drink in our own bar 'In Vivo' starting at 16:00h. Here you can meet your fellow students and ddrink a beer for only €0,85 or some soda for €0,40. Besides this, several activities are organized by one of the committees you can participate in. Our party committee organizes a theme party in our local bar, the Santé 4 to 5 times a year. This is how we try to contribute to an active and fun social life. We also have more serious events that members can join, for example the yearly symposium about a biomedical engineering related subject. National and international speakers ensure this to be a very interesting day every year!

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Studievereniging der Biomedische Technologie  "Protagoras"

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)
Gemini-Noord 1.60
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
Telefoon: 040 - 247 2758