You had to wait a year for it, but finally it there: the almanac for the year 2019-2020! A book full of beautiful stories with what our Protagoras members have experienced this academic year. And, spoiler alert: we were even allowed to go out then. You will have the opportunity to acquire this almanac during the drinks on September 23 (4:00 pm to 7:00 pm). You can buy it for no less than a single euro, and you also get a free beer with it. Who would not want that? The almanak is available in a limited edition, so if you want one make sure you get it quickly because gone = gone,

Are you not able to join during the drink? Don't worry, there will also be a registration on the website in which the last almanacs are sold. So keep a close eye on the website.


Dear First year bachelor students,

The first BMT-party of the year is coming, which traditional wise means that the first years diner will take place too. Prior to the BMT-party this is the unique and exclusive possibility to come together and have a lovely diner with your introbrothers, -sisters and -parents. The first year diner will take place at the Barney’s, one of Protagoras her favourite restaurants laying at the Stationsplein nearby the Pathé cinema. In order to get in the Oktoberfest mood a lovely and delicious German schnitzel with champignon sauce is offered to you, served with French fries and a healthy salad. However, in case you are vegetarian, have to deal with allergies or simply just don’t have need to eat a schnitzel, there is furthermore an option to order a lovely tasteful vegetarian pasta, additionally served with a healthy salad too. Both the main courses are offered to you for 15 euros included with one free consumption.

Do not forget to be in possession of a QR-code. In case you do not have one, do not forget to get one in order to get access to the restaurant. In spite of that, we would advise everyone, even if you are vaccinated, to do a covid test, for example in the form of a self-test, to rule-out and therefore prevent the possibility of infecting others.

The dinner will take place between 18:00 and 20:00. Afterwards, the Villa Fiesta is a walking distance away from the Barney’s for those of you who intent to have some fun at the BMT-party starting at 20:00. Enrol yourselves all in and hopefully we will see you then!

Dear member of Protagoras,

After one year, ten months and nine days it is finally that time of the year again. The first BMT-party of the year is coming and what a bombshell it is indeed. After the good news of our beloved politicians Hugo and Mark regarding the covid-19 rules, the party committee went on a journey to taste some culture from our eastern neighbours. Under the guise of a great German Schlager shall our home pub, the Villa Fiesta, open her doors at 6 October in an Oktoberfest style and can we as study association build a great old-schooled convivial party. There will be a chance to win some awesome prizes as well as we can party standing since a long time so don’t forget to put on a lederhosen or a lovely dirndl and surely don’t forget to practice and sharpen your best dance moves.

Tickets are for sale in the Prothok at Traverse charged for 1 euro per ticket (from the 30th of september) or at the door of the Villa Fiesta charged for 2 euro per ticket. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a QR-code for granting access at the Villa Fiesta. In case you are not in possession of a QR-code, do not forget to test in order to get one. However, we would advise everyone, regardless of you are vaccinated, to do a covid self-test anyways. In this way you know for sure you cannot infect other people during the lovely German Schlager and we all can have a great party. And it will be great, for sure!

We hope to see you then!

Fortimedix will come and host a drink lecture on the 5th of October. Here they will show how their company develops surgical tools which are used in minimally invasive surgery. These highly flexible but rigid rods can be manipulated by a surgeon so they can move their equipment In Vivo. This means they only need to make small incisions to be able to operate on a patient, leading to less damaged tissue. Therefore patients can recover more quickly. 

Innovation is key for Fortimedix! Therefore, they are always looking for motivated engineers who will help them develop more appliances that improve minimally invasive surgery! So if you want to experience how it is to work on their complex problems, then you should come to the drink lecture where you can participate in a business case while enjoying free dinner! 

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