Do you want to see where you can work after Biomedical Engineering? Come join us on the 9th of October as we visit Fortimedix in Geleen. Here they will show how their company develops surgical tools which are used in minimally invasive surgery. These highly flexible but rigid rods can be manipulated by a surgeon so they can move their equipment In Vivo. This means they only need to make small incisions to be able to operate on a patient, leading to less damaged tissue. Therefore patients can recover more quickly. 

During the visit, we will have a tour around the company, whereafter we will work on an interactive case. The day will be closed with a borrel! So if you want to experience how it is to work on their complex problems, then you should come to the excursion! There are only 20 spots available, so sign up quickly!

We will meet at 12:30 / 12:40 in front of Traverse whereafter we will travel by bus to Geleen. After the day, we will be back around 18:45.


No spaces left? You can find the reserve list here

Lieve leden van Protagoras,

Het nieuwe collegejaar is alweer een aantal weken bezig en dat betekend dat het weer hoog tijd is voor de eerste ProZAc activiteit! Deze keer heeft de ProZAc voor jullie een geniale, giga gave GlowGolf acitiviteit voor jullie georganiseerd bij GlowGolf Eindhoven! Trek je mooiste neon kleren aan en kom gezellig met je vrienden een avondje indoor glow-in-the-dark midgetgolven. De activiteit zal plaatsvinden op 10 oktober, we verzamelen om 18.15 voor Traverse om vervolgens gezamenlijk naar de activiteit te fietsen. Het zal ongeveer duren tot 19.45 waarna er de gelegenheid is om nog iets te eten op de locatie (niet inbegrepen!). Schrijf je dus snel in want VOL=VOL! Hopelijk zien we jullie dan.


De ProZAc

On the 24th of November,  S.V. Paradoks (University of Twente), SvBMT Protagoras (TU Eindhoven), and GLV Idun (University of Groningen) are organizing the Biomedical Engineering Career event! A day full of interesting lectures, cases, workshops, and a company market to expand your network. Find out what you are looking for in a job!



During this event, you can meet companies such as Medtronic, Pie Medical Imaging, Qserve, TMSI, and RVC Medical IT. There will be several lectures, workshops, and cases where you can collaborate with biomedical engineering students from other cities! Finally, there is a company market where you can expand your network.


Practical information

The event will take place at the UPark Hotel in Enschede. The ticket price is 10 euros, including an extensive lunch, coffee and tea, soft drinks during the day, and an NS group ticket for the way to Enschede. For the way back there is no group ticket since all students can travel for free with their OV card. The program will start at 11.00h in Enschede and ends around 17.00h.


More information

For the latest updates, you can follow our Instagram or LinkedIn page. If you have any questions, you can contact Kim van Bussel or Mark Gommans or you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dear Protagoriaan,


On the 16th of October 2023, the ninth annual Career Event of SvBMT Protagoras will take place, organized by the Career Orientation Committee. During the event 5 companies, who are focused in the biomedical field, will present themselves and their work. These companies are Crossfire oncology, Emultech,  TOP medical, Qorium en BAAT medical. A PhD student from our faculty and a clinical physicist will speak as well to explain their choices and workfield. 

The event will take plaze in Luna in the Corona room. The event will start at 10.00 in the morning. The event will last the whole day, with presentations from our speakers and a network session with drinks afterwards until 17:30, where you can come 1 on 1 in contact with the companies and speakers. Attending the Career Event costs €4,-. Lunch, coffee and tea during the day, two free consumptions at the network session and goodies are included as well. The lunch will be in Hubble. Subscribing for the event can be done on the SvBMT Protagoras website. The Career Event also counts for two MyFuture Activities!

Whether you are a bachelor student who does not know yet in which field you want to work after you have finished your studies or you are a master student who is orientating on the labour market, the Career Event is the perfect opportunity to gain more insight in de career possibilities within the biomedical field. Make sure you do not miss it, we hope to see you then!

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