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Dear ladies and gentlemen of SvBMT Protagoras,


Wine is fine!

On November 11 sorority Noctes Aureae organises an online wine evening on the Protagoras Discord. During this evening we will taste 4 different wines, accompanied by some snacks. You can choose between a small or big wine box to share with 2 to 4 people. A small box is suitable for 2 people, a big one for 4 people, but it can also be shared with 3 people. You can pick up the package in the Prothok on November 10 (in the morning) and 11.

Side note: Only one of you has to subscribe, the costs are per box. We want to ask you not to sit together with more than 4 people to follow the regulations of the RIVM.


Subscribe here for a small package.

Subscribe here for a big package.


What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!


Kisses from Noctes Aureae

Are you planning to go on internship this or maybe next year in the Netherlands or abroad and do you want to know what you have arrange for that? Or are you just curious about the stories of students that already have been on internship? On November 17th we organize an information evening via teams from 19:00-21:00.

Someone form ESA will tell about what you have to arrange for your internship and students will tell their experiences with their internship. 

You can subscribe here

Dear members,


Tuesday evening, new regulations have been installed by the Dutch government. On Thursday evening, the TU/e also send a mail with new regulations as a response. An important rule is that face masks inside TU/e buildings are mandatory.

Unfortunately, the mail also stated that we as study association are not allowed to organise activities. We are busy coming up with online activities, so we are still able to see each other. In addition, we are also in close touch with the TU/e about which kind of activities are allowed and which not. Keep an eye on the Protagoras website, but also our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Studying on the TU/e during the lecture-free and exam weeks is still possible, howver you need to book a room in order to do so. We, as the board, are still present in our board room during these weeks, so you can still come by for coffee, tea or a snack. 

We understand that this news is saddening as we were all looking forward to getting more out of the house. However, we want to ask everyone to  follow the new rules closely so we can quickly return to the new 'normal'.


We hope that we have informed you suffienctly on this.


Good luck with the upcoming exams!


Kind regards,

The 32nd board


Since the beautiful Prothok is currently not open to chill but only to walk in and out, the first Protitem of the year comes in handy. With this Protitem you can get your cup of coffee or tea coronaproof. That is why the 32nd board presents the first Protitem of this academic year: the Prot Coffee to Go cup. For only 3,50 euros you can forever get free tasty hot coffee and tea in the Prothok and take it with you to your next destination!

Click here to order a Prot Coffee to go cup!

Back up

Openingstijden Prothok
(Gemini-Noord 1.60)

Vrijdag  12:30-17:00

Fout gevonden in de website? Geef het door aan ict@protagoras.tue.nl !

Studievereniging der Biomedische Technologie "Protagoras"

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)
Gemini-Noord 1.60
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
Telefoon: 040 - 247 2758
E-mail: bestuur@protagoras.tue.nl