Are you also tired of working at home? We are too! That is why we are starting online puzzle breaks AND online coffee moments in the Protagoras discord!


Every Wednesday during the break, you can come online to puzzle with us on Discord.

The coffee moments will take place daily, except on Wednesday, between 15:30-16:00 so feel free to join us!

Every Thursday, the coffee break will be for first year students only so they can get to know each other better!

If you’re not in the Discord yet, you can find the link of this here (you need to be logged in!).

Dear drinkers,


The Après-ski drink will of course not be skipped this year! 🎿 Thursday 11 March is the time: the ProBoKoCo is organizing a quiz that is entirely devoted to winter sports and après-ski. This online quiz takes place in a slightly different form than a normal pub quiz, namely with discard rounds. The drink starts at 20: 00. Of course there are great prizes to be won 🏆 Also good news: with this drink you get 10 shots for 10 euros! Register now via this link, buy tasty cutlets, choose (possibly) a buddy and we will see you on 11 March! 😄


Subscribe HERE

Wervingsdagen their BIGGEST-event; the Career Expo 2021, will take place on the 9th and 10th of March 2021. This year is special, as this will be the first online edition of the Career Expo of Wervingsdagen! The Career Expo is a company fair of the TU/e, free for students, representing many companies from many different fields, that can answer your most burning questions about your career path. Online too, it is expected to be an amazing event full of exciting speakers and enthusiastic companies that are open to talk with you, all from the comfort of your own home! If you are interested in improving your professional and personal development towards business life, this event is something for you.  


You can sign up now for the Career Expo, by clicking here! This is an early bird subscription, which means you can win an exclusive Wervingsdagen hoodie.


At the Career Expo 2021, you can meet about 130 different companies and talk about your future in that field. If you want to talk in-depth to a specific company representative, about your future within that company, you can subscribe for the Speeddates! It does not matter whether you want to talk about an internship, a job, or want to ask questions about working at the company, the representative is open for conversation and can not wait to talk to you! Your subscription will be anonymized, so the company will not receive unnecessary information about you.  


For more information about the schedule and which companies you can talk to, visit the Wervingsdagen website. You can also directly subscribe by clicking here!


Do not forget to subscribe for the Speeddates one week before the Career Expo (the 2nd of March 2021), so we have time to divide all slots. Otherwise, we hope to see you at the Career Expo!

Hola, bonjour, Gutentag!


Do you miss it too: Après skiing in Austria, drinking tequila in Mexico or enjoying the sun in France? We certainly do! We have got the solution for you! On March 3 we will organise the online kandi-kandi activity. You will fly from country to country (from channel to channel) to participate in different activities to get to know the country better. Of course this world trip is not complete without a nice beer-kit. That is why we offer an excellent beer-kit!


During the activity, you can work together with groups of maximum 6 persons. So let us know in the registration below whether you are sitting togethere or with whom you want to work together!


Register here quickly and go on a world trip with the Kandi-kandi’s!

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