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Borrellezing Enter

Dinsdag 17 maart 2020 - In Vivo

Inschrijving sloot 12 maart 2020 23:59

This lecture has been cancelled! 

Do you have a passion for the world of high tech and do you want to develop yourself? That's what it's about at ENTER. ENTER is the source of top-quality knowledge within the high tech industry who supports its customers to increase their competitive position. Working at ENTER you can move from project to project at a wealth of innovative high tech companies. In order to help you realize your ambitions, ENTER advises and guides you on your career path. You can choose from a wide range of challenging projects, in which you are coached 'on the job' in the form of one on one coaching. This lecture drink will cover what ENTER does, where ENTER stands for and what your possibilities can be in ENTER. Also, several employees will tell about their experience with and career path at ENTER.


During the lecture drink, pizzas will be provided. Please mention which of the following pizzas you would like in your subscription.


- salami pizza
- mushroom pizza
- spinach pizza
- gehakt pizza
- cheese pizza
- Hawaï pizza
- doner pizza 
- shoarma pizza 
- Californië veggie 

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