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Lecture 2: BME to Business

Monday 19 March 2018 - Overig
Event time: 12:45 - 13:30

This is the second lecture of the series of the 3 lectures during the lunch break. Are you interested in starting your own company and would you like to link biomedical engineering to business? If you like to know more about how startups work, join the series of lectures provided by Benjamin Tchang, the CEO and Co-founder of Usono.



In the lectures, he will tell you someting about all the things that you have to deal with when you start your own company.


Lecture 1: 12 March
How to start? How to put together your team? What is important in the beginning? How do you know if your product is good? What do you have to do to found a BV?


Lecture 2: 19 March
What components are the most importat to let you company grow further? What to do with financial matters? What about investors and what about R&D?


Lecture 3: 26 March
Your product is on the market, what now? How to get your product sold by new clients? How to upscale the company?


* The subjects can change based on the feedback that is given by the group


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