21 March 2018

Pizza Pre-Party

21 - 22 March 2018

W-Hoog feest

22 March 2018


23 March 2018

Vrijdagmiddag Proeverij

29 March 2018

Excursion ExxonMobil

29 March 2018


5 April 2018


12 April 2018


19 April 2018


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26 April 2018


30 April - 3 May 2018

Wervingsdagen: Interviewing days

3 May 2018


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22 May 2018

Finale TU/e contest
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Madelon: "Ik verslik me in mijn bals."

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The committees of Protagoras need active members to continue to exist. Do you have some extra spare time besides following courses, do you want to get to know a lot of new (and fun) people and would you like to help the study association? Let the board know! You can drop by in the board room (Gem-N 1.60) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once or twice a year the committee information lunch will be organized. During this lunch, all the committees will talk about what they do and whether they are looking for new people.


Below you find an overview of all our committees:

Almanac committee

BeOnCie (Maintenance committee)

BroCo (Brew committee)

BuEx committee (Foreign excursion committee)

COC (Career Orientation Committee)

Committee Wervingsdagen

Editorial staff Protatype

EsCo (Aesculapius committee)

First-year committee

FoodCie (Cooking committee)

Gala committee

ICT committee

Introduction committee

Introduction weekend committee

LumiCie (photo committee)

Lustrum committee

Parent day committee

Party committee

ProBoKoCo (Protagoras drink and cookies committee)

ProZAc (Activities committee)

SpoCo (sports committee)

Study tour committee

Symposium committee

Verification committee

The almanac committee creates an almanac every year about the previous academic year. This committee is the youngest committee of Protagoras and therefore the committe is working hard to create the first almanac of Protagoras. In the almanac, all committees and brother and sister associations are presented. Also all activities of last year (2016-2017) are presented in this almanac.



The committee consists of Mellissa Niemantsverdriet (chairman), Inger van Langen (secretary), Pleuni Lodiers (treasurer), Koen Franse (sponsor coordinator), Anouk Marinus (lay-out coordinator) and Elles Elschot (lay-out coordinator).


The BeOnCie was set up to keep Protagoras' archives and Prothok 2 (storage) in order. This committee is also able to repair all broken materials and objects. At the moment, the committee consists of: Madelon van den Dobbelsteen, Wytse van den Berg, Teun van de Meerakker and Melissa Niemantsverdriet.


Since the beginning of time, man has been both blessed and cursed with a higher intelligence than the other organisms. Through this higher intelligence man sees the world and the reality that surrounds it in a different way than the animals. This lonely view at the universe sometimes makes people want to escape the occasionally somewhat depressing reality. At this point, however, the intelligence of man becomes a blessing as the human race is well able to provide itself with means to actually escape from reality. Alcohol has been flowing through the veins of man for a long time. At the BroCo we understand the urge for alcohol all too well and we, as loving fellow man, do our utmost to give as many people as possible the chance to spend not too much money to escape the reality. We brew with 8 men day and night to serve delicious, exciting, exquisite, mouth-watering, sensational and glittering beverages to our beloved fellow man. We are currently doing this with Bas Bögels, Mees Geurten, Mick Glasius, Wouter Groenink, Koen Jansen, Jurjen Leer, Colin Nieuwlaat and Emiel Roefs. We understand the urge to write our thank-you letters, but ask you to hold back. We already have an overflowing mailbox.

Every two years, 'Stichting Protagoras' organizes a Foreign Excursion (BuEx) for the students of the Biomedical Engineering faculty (BME). This trip gives 28 Biomedical Technology students and 2 scientific staff members of the faculty a great opportunity to get acquainted with Biomedical Engineering in European cities outside the Netherlands.
In the academic year 2016-2017, a BuEx has been organized to Tallinn and Helsinki. The goal of this BuEx was to introduce BME students to a different scientific way of thinking, to promote the interaction between universities, the business community and healthcare and to strengthen the scientific contacts between the Netherlands and Tallinn and Helsinki. During the trip several visits were organized to companies, universities, hospitals and institutes that are active in the biomedical field.
The BuEx committee of 2016-2017 consisted of Amber Meeder (chairman), Vera Koomen, Manon Balvers, Madelon van den Dobbelsteen, Tom van Sonsbeek and Emira Visser.

The Career Orientation Committee (COC) is a committee of Protagoras, study association of Biomedical Engineering (BME). The committee is busy with career opportunities after studying BME.
They organize their activities for students such that the students can prepare and orientate on the labor market. Every year the COC organizes two major events, namely the Career Event and the Career trip. At the Career Event, several companies and PhD students will talk about their company or research. The Career trip is a two-day trip to a city where interesting BME-related companies will be visited.
Currently the committee consists of the following members: Robbert de Jong (chairman), Evi Huijben, Esmee Kremer, Thomas Romagnoli, Camiel de Ruiter and Lotte van der Voort. They are motivated students from BME from different generations who are interested in carreer oppurtunities after their study. Questions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The committee Wervingsdagen organizes yearly, on behalf of 9 study associations, the Wervingsdagen. The committee is responsible for organizing the Skills sessions, the Career Expo and the Interviewing days.


The first event of the year are the Skills sessions. During these days, different lectures and workshops are held, all focusing skills necessary in applying for a job. The second event of the year is the Career Expo. Over 100 companies present themselves during two days by setting up a stand. Students get the opportunity to visit the stands and talk to the recruiters. There are also presentations from different companies in the Auditorium. Finally, the Interviewing days take place. Students can submit their resume and request an interview with one of the participating companies.


So being part of the Wervingsdagen committee means organizing three big events at the TU/e. Almost every student at the TU/e will come across one or multiple of these events during their time at the university. To make sure all these events run smoothly, a lot of effort is put into the organization of these events. Every year, 8 or 9 students take place in this committee. Each person gets assigned a specific task. You can be in charge of one specific day, you can be responsible for the public relations or the external afffairs and of course there has to be a chairman, treasurer and secretary. Taking place in the Wervingsdagen committee will teach you a great deal about contact with companies, working together with students from different faculties and organizing these major events of course. The Wervingsdagen committee not like other committees because of the professional approach and close one-on-one contact with a lot of companies. This is also the reason a part-time board scholarship is given to committee members.


For more information, you can always send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The aesculapius committee, in short the EsCo, takes care of our snake Bouzo. Bouzo is the mascot of the association and has been a resident of the Bouzarium in the Prothok for over 15 years. Normally Bouzo is fed once a week by one of the committee members. Bouzo mainly eats mice and occasionally a rat. Once a year he has a hunger strike where he does not eat for more than 4 months! Do you want to know what Bouzo is doing all day long? Follow him on facebook! The EsCo currently consists of: Geraline Vis (board responsible), Piers da Camino Anacona Lopez Soligo, Kevin van Dijk and Kirsten Peeters. 


For first-year students it may be that you do not immediately feel at home within the association and it is not always easy to get to know fellow students. Especially if you still live at home with your parents it is not  easy to go to the activities and parties of Protagoras. This committee organizes activities only for and by first-year students, in order to get to know each other and the association better. At the moment the first year committee consists of: Marloes van Driel (chairman), Francoise Broeckaert, Tim Jaspers, Robin Krijnen, Miriam Laamoumi and Heleen van Rooij.
If you have questions, tips or suggestions you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
The FoodCie is the cooking committee of Protagoras, the study association of Biomedical Engineering. Beer is important, but good food is also very important. FoodCie ensures that members receive a tasty (and healthy) meal at the GMMs (ALVs). We also organize very nice activities such as a dinner contest, cooking workshops and of course the famous Christmas lunch (we are pro Christmas sweaters!). Secretly members of the FoodCie also like food better than preparing food, so every meeting one person cooks something delicious for during the meeting.
The committee currently consists of the following members: Joska Aerts (chairman), Freek Blanke, Iris Messing, Lucas Peek, Kirsten Peeters, Sabine Rongen, Rick Stolk and Bente Theeuwes. The FoodCie is a varied committee in which the students all come from different generations. For questions you can email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every two years Protagoras organizes a gala. Last year there was a gala, so there is no gala committee this year. At the end of this academic year, a new committee will be started so that in December 2018 a big lustrum gala can be organized.

The ICT committee ensures that the association continues to operate in the 21st century and manages the hardware and software available in Prothok. In addition, this fantastic website is designed and maintained by the members of the ICT committee. On the website you can for example see photos, the activity calendar and you can download old exams and the solutions. 
At the moment, the ICT committee consists of Jesper Schouren, Leon Haas, Tom Jansen, Teun van de Meerakker and Colin Nieuwlaat.
If you encounter a bug on the website or if you have any questions for the ICT committee, you can email these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The introduction committee is purely for the introduction week. When innocent zero-year students try to study, this committee will introduce them to how they can be optimal students. The committee will show you how to do nothing during the day and party and seduce during the night. Studying will be next week. But being a student is still a combination of the two and for the adorable BME students a nice program is put together for during the day so that they can get to know the study and their fellow students. Anyway, may they receive their diploma with or without struggles.
The next group of people will organize a extraorinairy week for the BME students: Brian Poll, Rik Weersink, Tessa Warmink, Valerie van Es, Alishya Wippert, Marloes Coolen and Hilde Heemskerk.
If you have any questions about the activities of the committee, feel free to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Every year, Protagoras organizes a camp for the first-year students in one of the first weekends of the academic year. Together with Protagoras' active members, the first-year students go to a nice location to get to know each other and the association. The camp always has a theme. In past few years, for example, the themes fairytales and mafia have come along. It has been a tradition for years that this camp is organized by the previous board, so for the academic year 2018-2019 the 29th board organizes this weekend. The committee consists of: Jesper Schouren (chairman), Sanne Bleser, Madelon van den Dobbelsteen, Evi Huijben, Vera Koomen  Mats Verhoeven and Geraline Vis.

The LumiCie is one of the younger committees of Protagoras, but can be seen at almost all activities. And that's how it should be, without the LumiCie there are no beautiful pictures of the activities. The members of this committee walk around at parties and other activities with a camera and ensure that the nice moments are captured. The committee can also be used for photos for other committtees and boar photos. At the moment this committee consists of Madelon van den Dobbelsteen, Ilse Buuron, Hidde Hijlkema, Inger van Langen, Anouk Mariuns, Teun van de Meerakker and Céline Pereboom. The committee can still use some help, so if your are interested in the LumiCie, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

On December 7, 2017 Protagoras exists 29 years, this means the start of the 30th year of Prot and the 6th anniversary. This must of course be celebrated and this will be done through an opening week, monthly activities and a closing week. A Lustrum committee has been set up for this purpose, which ensures that all these activities take place exclusively. And why exclusive? That is because the theme of the 6th anniversary of SvBMT Protagoras is: Very Important Prot (VIP).
These activities will vary from serious activities to fun party activities so there is an activity for everyone of Protagoras. And we as lustrum committee will ensure that you can enjoy exclusivity this year.
The committee responsible for this consists of the following members: Mats Verhoeven (chairman), Pleuni Lodiers, Yvonne van Mil,  Aïsha Abelen, Wouter Groenink, Brenda Knijnenburg, Romy Lauwers and Nina van Velsen.

Parents are usually involved in the study choosing process of their child. After their child has chosen a study program, most parents don’t know what their child does on a daily basis. That is why the parent day committee organizes a day at which the parents of the BMT and MWT students can experience a typical day at the TU/e.


With all those fun activities and parties that Protagoras organizes, it is very difficult to give your parents the impression that you’re studying very hard. That is why the parent day committee organizes day to every year to help you keep that illusion intact. We will fill the day with interesting lectures, a difficult group project and the day ends with a quiz. At the end of the day, parents will be so overwhelmed of the student life, that they will realize that all those activities and parties are necessary. 


This year the parent day committee consists of: Kani Kamalizadeh, Famke Berg, Wai Keung Liu, Kirsten Lukassen and Ivana Rovers. 


For questions or suggestions you can always e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Within the academic year there is always reason for a party. You may want to celebrate your good results or you may want to forget all the worries about your bad results. For that reason, Protagoras' party committee organizes a big party about 5 times a year. The best and the worst songs let everyone show their best dance moves. Many of these majestic evenings with themes such as 'Horror Party', 'Mario Party Party' and 'Prot's Pajama Party' are already in our past. There is also a big party once a year in collaboration with study association Simon Stevin.
The photos of all the highlights that this committee has achieved are in the archive. The party committee consists of: Emmie Schoutens, Korin Slegers, Alix Wiemer, Yme Raafs, Sander Poot and Brian Poll. For questions, you can always contact one of the members or you can send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

One of the larger necessities of life, the cookies, can be found in the Prothok. Do you have a heavy need for a combination of carbohydrates, fats and sugars: come to the Prothok and get your favorite cookie. If you are more in need of something fluid, then the drink every Thursday is the place to be. At 4 p.m. you can go to In Vivo for a beer, Palm, Hoegaarden, Duvel or the other craft beer that regularly decorates our fridge or our second tap. If liqueur is more your thing, ask the people behind the bar about the assortment.


Veel studenten vinden het leuk om naast het studeren ook iets leuks te doen met hun studiegenootjes. Daarom is in het jaar 2000 Protagoras’ Zinderende Activiteitencommissie, ofwel ProZAc, opgericht. De ProZAc organiseert elk jaar een aantal leuke activiteiten, zoals een dropping en cocktailworkshop. Ook zijn er activiteiten die jaarlijks weer terugkomen, zoals de BBB en borreltocht. Op het moment bestaat de commissie uit: Ilse Buuron (voorzitter), Marlous Bood, Joëlle Bink, Jules Boesveld, Lars van Dijck, Kani Kamalizadeh, Robin Krijnen en Mark Sweep. Mocht je vragen hebben over de ProZAc, dan kun je een van bovenstaande personen benaderen of een mail sturen naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

De Protatype is het verenigingsblad van SvBMT Protagoras. Dit blad houdt de leden op de hoogte van wat er allemaal speelt binnen de vereniging en de faculteit. Het blad staat vol met studiegerelateerde rubrieken, interessante verhalen en ludieke stukjes. Een onmisbare bron van informatie en ontspanning voor de Protagoriaan. Verder biedt het blad voor bedrijven de mogelijkheid om advertenties te plaatsen, zodat zij bekendheid kunnen verkrijgen onder de huidige populatie aan BMT-studenten. De Protatype verschijnt vier keer per jaar en de redactie zorgt ervoor dat de Protatype iedere keer weer goed gevuld wordt. De redactie bestaat momenteel uit Sanne Bleser (hoofdredacteur), Naomie Amsing, Pascal van Beek, Lisa Dekker, Elles Elschot, Wouter Groenink, Evi Huijben, Nathalie van de Laar, Amber Meeder, Melissa van de Pasch, Nadia Takke, Ilse Verbon en Marc Vervuurt.





Naast hard zwoegen voor de studie en andere verplichtingen is ontspanning essentieel voor studenten! Hiervoor zijn vele mogelijkheden, maar een van de gezondste en leukste is natuurlijk sporten. Sporten doe je natuurlijk het liefst samen met andere leuke mensen en wie zijn er nou leuker dan Protagorianen? Precies! Om deze twee werelden samen te voegen is in 2014 gestart met de Sportcommissie, oftewel SpoCo. Deze commissie heeft als doel een aantal sportieve activiteiten per jaar te organiseren voor leden van Protagoras, denk bijvoorbeeld aan de Batavierenrace, schaatsen of een groots sporttoernooi met andere verenigingen samen. De commissie bestaat uit Milan Pit (Voorzitter), Wouter Groenink, Stephan van de Heisteeg, Naomi Klapwijk, Evelien Simonis, Caya van der Sluis en Nadia Takke. Heb je nog vragen aan de SpoCo of wil je ze complimenteren met hun goede werk, mail dan naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Het moment is weer aangebroken waar iedereen natuurlijk naar uitkijkt. Elke twee jaar wordt er namelijk een studiereis georganiseerd, die meerdere weken omvat in een land buiten Europa en dit jaar is het weer zover. De bestemming is Japan, waar we meerdere steden zullen afgaan. In deze steden zullen we veel bedrijven, universiteiten en instituten bezoeken, maar is er natuurlijk ook genoeg tijd voor culturele dingen en vrije tijd. Om deze mooie reis mogelijk te maken voor jullie is er een commissie opgesteld. Dit jaar zitten er in deze commissie de volgende personen: Sander Keij (voorzitter), Renate van Doormaal (Secretaris en Casestudy Coördinator), Sanne Kwakman (Penningmeester), Jelle van Kerkvoorde (Sponsor Coördinator), Jeroen Deckers (Excursie Coördinator), Steffie van Poppel (Logistiek) en Janne Spierings (PR en Website). Zij zullen het beste uit de reis proberen te halen om de deelnemers een top reis te bezorgen!

Meer informatie over deze reis is te vinden op hun website

De BMT symposiumcommissie van 2017-2018 bestaat uit Ilse Buuron (voorzitter), Rosanne Bunt (secretaris), Michelle Klaassen (penningmeester), Floor Knotnerus (vice voorzitter), Irene Lensen (spreker coördinator) en Lieke Kapteijns (sponsor coördinator).


Dit jaar staat het symposium in het teken van revalidatie technieken en zal plaats vinden op dinsdag 15 mei in de coronazaal in La Luna, op het TU/e terrein. De volgende sprekers hebben al definitief toegezegd dat ze zullen komen spreken: Sjaak Deckers, Chris Baten, Project March en Vivian Mouser.


Ieder jaar moet de penningmeester van de vereniging worden gecontroleerd door een groep van mensen die de verificatiecommissie heet. Deze verificatiecommissie controleert of alle financiële zaken op orde zijn, met andere woorden of de penningmeester goed zijn best heeft gedaan. Wil je in deze commissie plaatsnemen dan is financiële kennis niet vereist, maar het is natuurlijk wel handig om er iets vanaf te weten. Weet je nog helemaal niks, dan is dat ook geen ramp, zolang je maar enthousiast bent en bereid bent om iets te leren.

De huidige VC van het 28e Bestuur bestaat uit Anke Boschman, Ellen van Rooij, Koen van Putten en Manon Balvers en de VC van het 29e Bestuur bestaat uit Colin Nieuwlaat, Kim Blezer, Britt Michels en Nikki Valckx.

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