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Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of March we went on a career trip to Groningen with a group of 23 enthusiastic master and bachelor students. When we arrived in Groningen around noon, we headed straight to Lode, a company that produces medical devices for revalidation. Here we listened to a presentation and were given a tour showing us all their products (some of us even got to try them out!). After lode we went to the UMCG. In the UMCG we were shown how a graduated biomedical engineer student can contribute to a hospital. Amongst others, we were shown some research about antimicrobial coatings for implants and how to use 3D systems for precision surgery. Around 17.30 we left the UMCG since it was time for dinner. Together we walked to De Drie Gezusters, where we enjoyed a nice meal. Friday morning we had a quick breakfast in our hostel before taking a bus to Organ Assist. Here we gained insight into the struggle of transporting donor organs and how Organ Assist is trying to remedy this problem. Last but not least we were taken on a small tour of InnoCore, after an interesting presentation about their products and services. Innocore is a company specialized in biodegradable particles for sustained drug delivery.
It was a successful trip with interesting companies and a lot of fun. On behalf of the Career Orientation Committee we would like to thank everyone who joined us to Groningen and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



The third annual Career Event of Protagoras has taken place at December 6th 2017. The event was opened by René van Donkelaar. He talked about his career choices that he took after he was a student. This year the presentations of the PhD students were alternated with the presentations of the companies. This ensured that it was an interesting day with a variety of lenghts of presentations. The first company that was present at the Career Event was LifeTec Group, Dave Wanders give an interesting presentation about the company. Remi Verhoeven was present on behalf of KPMG. He ended his presenation with an interactive case regarding the electronic patient file. Subsequently, Inge van Loosdregt on behalf of CytoSMART told every detail about the products Lux2, Exact and Omni. The presentation of CytoSMART ended with a brainstorm session on how to improve the Omni. The last presenation was given by Wim Vanhaele on behalf of Nobel Biocare. He talked about software for dental implants and the software development process. The Career Event was closed with an informal drink in In Vivo. The companies and several PhD students were still present to ask some questions about career oppurtunities.



On the 19th and 20th of May, 28 Biomedical Engineering and medical Science and Technology went on a study trip to Dortmund. During this study trip we visited multiple companies in chemical field. The first company we visited was ISAS, a institute specialized in chemical analysis. We listened to a nice talk about the history and mission of the institute and got a tour in their laboratories with advanced analysis equipment. Then we visited Sciencion, an emerging company which develops and produces precise liquid dispensing applications. At last, we visited the Max Plank institute, one of the most leading research institutes in the field of chemical biology. The next day we had some time to visit the city center of Dortmund and to go to the zoo. 



In succession of the successful Career Event in 2015, the second annual Career Event has taken place in November 2016. An inspiring talk by Bert Meijer followed by several interesting elevator pitches of PhD candidates from our own faculty launched our day. After the lunch break the participants were introduced to Usono. This start-up, from our own faculty, showed their probefix and gave an interesting overview of how you might start your own company after graduating. After this demonstration, Sanquin took over and gave an interesting talk about a small part of the research they do in Amsterdam. Then pie medical imaging started explaining how they built their software, which surgeons can use to plan their surgery. Finally ttopstart gave a nice interactive talk on how they helped their costumers and all the other things that a consultant does.

After all these lectures we had an informal drink in which it was possible to ask some more questions to all the different companies. All by all it was an interesting day in which even one student managed to get to do their internship at sanquin.





The first edition of the Career Event was launched November 2015 where several interesting companies showed a group of master and 3rd year bachelor students what their work was all about. Bringing great advice on how one could prepare for their entry in the job market and also reflecting on their own journey towards their current job. However, information for students was not the only goal of this Career Event. The different companies and institutions were invited to join in a tour around the faculty which was introduced by our Dean, prof.dr. Hilbers. The aim for this tour was to show the industry what BME is all about and what our students are capable of. The four companies that were present at the career event were CED, accenture, Scientific Volume Imaging and Demcon.


Speakers from different fields of interest were invited such as Gitta Hamel, CEO of Scientific Volume Imaging, she reported: ‘Extremely well educated in physics, mathematics, medical sciences as well as programming, these students fit for all kinds of jobs in the (bio)medical field; for instance in image processing. After this event we hired a recently graduated Master student that perfectly fits the bill for a vacancy we've been looking to fill for a number of months now. I will surely return next year.’


As this Career Event will become an annual event, we will keep you posted on the progress that will be made in order to make the next Career Event an even bigger success.


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